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Merit 360 helps Keycraft to measure ROI at exhibitions and enhance the customer experience

How to measure ROI from exhibitions and what are the most effective means of creating a great customer experience at shows? These are two of the main questions posed by businesses seeking to gain the greatest benefits from their event activity.

So, it was no surprise that they were among the challenges presented by Keycraft Global when they gave us the opportunity to take their exhibition strategy to a whole new level.

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How To Boost Your Construction Brand with Your Next Retail Display

  • A robust stand will pay dividends
  • Prioritise the user experience
  • Technology can increase impact
  • Spread the word with targeted campaigns
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Merit 360° - the rounded approach to Bespoke Exhibition Displays and Design


There are a number of theories as to why a circle has 360 degrees but, no matter which way you add it up, the rounded approach to exhibiting is most likely to gain you success.

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What are the top 10 construction branding tips for event planning?

Exhibitions represent the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your construction brand, cementing your reputation as a market leader and attracting new customers. Follow our top 10 tips to maximise the impact at your next exhibition or event.

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How To Out Perform Competitors at Exhibitions and Events | Merit Display

In a nutshell, you’ll outsmart the opposition if you follow these three tips:

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The Latest Trends in Exhibition Design | Merit Display

  • Enter virtual reality and interactive gaming technology.

  • Tension fabric graphics are on the rise.

  • There’s less product showcasing and more interaction.

  • And might 2017 see the first empty-space stand?

It’s an exciting time to be in exhibition design.

Our resident experts at Merit predict that 2017 will see a move away from product placement towards a focus on creating informative digital spaces. S/He’s also highlighted the growth in popularity of tension fabric graphics, with informal break-out spaces and interior led designs becoming the norm.

Networking opportunities abound

As we move into 2017, exhibitions for the commercially-minded will become more about the opportunity to network. This is already having an influence on the design and layout of exhibition stands.

  • With the ever evolving online presence, most people will attend an exhibition knowing a lot about exhibiting businesses.
  • Live demonstrations, training sessions and the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals provide huge potential to add value.
  • Stand spaces will become less crowded with product and more focused on engagement and hospitality.
  • The entry of interactive gaming and other technologies will continue to develop, and we may see the creation of the first empty-space stand, using a virtual reality experience.

Technology holds the key 

Technology is rapidly changing the approach to design of exhibition stands.

  • No longer do you need to display every single message that you want to promote on the back wall of your stand.
  • You can replace this with a video wall that delivers 100 times the content in a more effective and eye-catching way.
  • Or how about leveraging an interactive iPad, where the user can act independently to discover information of interest?
  • As virtual reality develops, more space will be needed for these games and interaction.
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How to Attract Prospects When You Exhibit | Merit Display

When it comes to making an impression, to adapt a much-used saying, “All’s fair in love and exhibitions”. And if you want to attract the right prospects – those with the potential to add long term value to your business – it’s crucial to have the right stand and the right team.

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How To Measure ROI at Events and Exhibitions | Merit Display

  • An impressive stand that creates awareness amongst prospects that don’t engage with you on the day but remember you months later.

  • Understanding the value of a visit to your stand.

  • Identifying your ideal customers from the hoards.

  • Reconciling the value of leads that don’t follow through against the cost and time spent exhibiting.

  • Assessing the value of attendance in its own right.


Some things are naturally harder to measure than others, happiness being a prime example. And, as demonstrated by the above list, measuring the ROI of your exhibition also brings its challenges.

There are many different factors that influence your ROI, and not all of them are easily tracked. As a result, many businesses struggle to place a tangible value on the results of exhibiting.

Start by defining your objectives

The first step you need to take if you want to assign value to your exhibition is to define your objectives then work out how you can tangibly measure them.

  • Measure no more than five metrics and focus on maximising these numbers.
  • Having set metrics will determine design features on your stand that will help you measure them.
  • Qualify your target audience and put a potential value on them, based on your existing customer base and spend.
  • Make sure you have a follow-up plan in place for the leads that you get.
  • Schedule review meetings for two, four and six months after the event.

Measure ROI based on your objectives

The way you measure ROI depends on your business objectives, with some being far more straightforward to measure than others.

  • If the aim is to generate leads, you can qualify your leads and have a value per lead.
  • If you’re going for brand awareness, it’s helpful to track Twitter feeds and determine a value per “impression”.

Obviously, the more tangible you can make your metrics, the easier it is to measure ROI.

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