Exhibition stand hire

Prices and options

Exhibition stand options

Your shell-kit modular display system is available in the following sizes:

  • 3x2 metres

  • 3x3 metres

  • 4x3 metres

  • 5x3 metres

  • 6x3 metres

In addition it can be:

  • Open front.

  • Open front and one side.

And you can choose:

  • With or without a digital display screen, along with other optional extras (see right).

Your choices of graphical cladding (which you own and can re-use) are:

Hire exhibitions stands - panels

  • Roll-able polyester panels

    Included as standard, these panels have a durable, scratch-resistant, laminate finish. They look great and can be used time and again. 

  • Full-width tension fabric

    The fabric is gripped into the frame edge, stretching away any creases and providing you with a perfect and seamless finish.

Hire exhibitions stands - fabric

Explore the exhibition stand hire information:

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Exhibition stand hire pricing

From just £799, incl graphic panels

Pricing is based on a complete stand with roll-able polyester panels printed with your graphics. All stands come with lights as standard.

Size (metres) Open front
and one side
- incl
Full-width tension fabric With digital screen, up to 42" With 1-metre square plinth With locking store cupboard
3x2 £799 +£200 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA
3x3  £989 +£240 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA
4x3 £1260 +£280 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA
5x3 £1440 +£420 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA
6x3 £1620 +£460 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA
  Open front
- incl
3x2 £1260 +£280 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA
3x3 £1620 +£360 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA
4x3 £1800 +£400 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA
5x3 £1980 +£440 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA
6x3 £2160 +£480 +£TBA +£TBA +£TBA

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