Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to your questions

What is Merit 360°?

Merit 360° is our unique approach to powering exhibition and display projects so you achieve maximum effectiveness. It blends marketing insight and consultancy with design imagination and technical innovation to drive tangible ROI.

What are the elements of Merit 360°?

The main elements of Merit 360° are:

• Scope (your business objectives, including your key metrics, targeted customers and desired outcomes).

• Strategy (including knowledge-based advice and recommendations focused on your business objectives).

• Planning (including all aspects of the project including our deliverables, the milestones and deadlines).

• Design, Tech & Build (driving the power of your brand with high-impact retail and exhibition spaces).

• Promotion (various means of attracting customers before and during events so you stand out from the crowd).

• Analysis (helping you to interpret and make best usage of data gathered).

What exhibition stand services do you offer?

We can provide you with the full range of exhibition services including Custom (using our design imagination and technical innovation), Self-build (a range of self-build solutions products that are lightweight and compact) and Hire (when budgets are low).

Can you provide installation and storage?

We employ a dedicated team of exhibition stand installers and exhibition stand storage is an important part of what we do. What about retail space and display? From temporary free-standing product displays to interior signage and permanent fixtures, we provide strategically focused solutions. Are you focused solely on the UK? No. We can support your exhibition and display needs on a global basis. Just tell us what you need and where and we will be pleased to provide an international solution.