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Jewson Display Case Study

Bringing together 9 brands into one powerful display

Utilising just one square metre of retail floor space we designed and built a display that hosted nine Saint Gobain products!

Focusing on the complete roofing offering from Jewson, this display clearly showed how the range of products worked together. The stand also served as a space to stock a promotion product under the roof, utilising every square inch of the retail space.

Our expertise was used to design, manufacture and assemble the clients products, building a complete display. We then installed the displays in over 100 Jewson stores in just 3 weeks!

Our fulfilment program and project management made sure of a hassle free delivery for both our client and every store manager.



Company name Jewson / Saint Gobain
Industry Construction
Promotion 9 different roofing products
Location 100 stores across the UK
Stand size 1mx1m