We got on our bikes to support Welcome to Yorkshire

Company name: Welcome to Yorkshire

Sector: Tourist Attractions

Event: Tour de France

Location: Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds and Meadowhall, Sheffield

Type: Retail

Hosting the­ first two stages of the Tour de France was a massive success for Yorkshire. Welcome to Yorkshire was the organisation behind bringing this event to one of the most scenic areas in the world.

To promote the event around Yorkshire, they wanted to partner with a display company that could amplify it through event and retail marketing. Along with many other projects for this event, we were chosen to design and ­fit-out a retail space in two of the main shopping centres in the region.

Merit used retails strategy and floor-space mapping to create a retail experience that fully represented the Tour de France theme, delivered an immersive experience and displayed the promotional products. 

Effectively the environment was designed to put the promotional products they were selling into a “Tour de France” atmosphere, making strong usage of corporate identity and physical bikes!